The Necessity of Checking In On Yourself

I had a blog prepared for this week, ready to go. Unfortunately, I’m not happy with some of the phrasing that is present and my current frame. Therefore, I’m pushing the blog post out next week.

However, what I have for you this week is something awesome. The author speaking in the video, Neil Strauss, was a former master pick-up artist (yes, those people). In his newest book, The Truth, he tells his story of the aftermath following his  “pick-up career” and offers some powerful thoughts on psychology. In the below video, he doesn’t tell the story that’s discussed in the book (which is great, by the way). What he does, however, is highlight the ideas he presents on how past experience shapes how we behave and view the world.

That’s why this blog is encouraging you to check in on yourself. It’s important to keep yourself up to date with how you are doing. If left out of check, a bunch of things can go out of whack.

The video is below. It’s worth the twelve minutes you’ll spend on it today. Have a great weekend!


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